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What is Kuma Games?                  

 Yeah. This website is dedicated to, yes, Kuma Games.  It is an MMO based on real world events. These events include: WW2 and Modern type warfare. The games available to play are: Foxhole, Vietnam, WW2 Tanks, WW2 Dogfights, Kuma War, and Kuma War classics. The newest addition to Kuma was related to the recent death of Bin Laden. In this specific game, YOU are a U.S. Navy Seal. You're trying to find Bin Laden, and kill him.  Videos of Kuma will be posted on the site. For all of you who said that it is stupid and boring, maybe you'll change your mind. And if you're asking the question "Do I have to pay for this game?", well, the answer is no. You do not have to pay for this game. Just go to Kuma Games.com, click where it says Free Trial or Free Now, install it, then download it. And then, you can play it.   www.kumagames.com/ 

  This was made entirely by Nick! Enjoy my hard work!

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